The uniform unites the entire squadron with a cohesive and professional look and standard. When you’re wearing your uniform, you are expected to look and behave your best because you are representing the 211 Air Cadet Squadron and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

Uniforms are provided at no charge. Cadets are responsible for the care, cleaning, and custody of the issued kit and also to return it when ceasing to be a cadet. The uniform may contain a wedge, blue beret, wide-brimmed tan summer hat, toque, rank slip-ons, short-sleeved shirt, necktie, T-shirt, turtleneck sweater, jacket (tunic), jacket belt, trousers, trousers belt, FTU tunic, FTU trousers, all-season jacket, parade boots, combat/SWAT boots, grey wool socks, black sports shorts, and a blue sports T-shirt.

Cadets in uniform shall be well groomed with footwear cleaned and shone. Their uniform shall be clean and properly pressed at all times. In particular, buttons, fasteners, and zippers shall be kept closed.

For all cadets, hair must fit underneath a military headdress properly. There are no longer restrictions on the length of hair or the requirement that it must be a natural colour. Jewelry is now allowed as long as it does not pose a danger to the cadet during training.

Different numbered orders of dress are worn on different occasions. The orders of dress are as such listed below:

  • C-1 (Ceremonial): Worn during formal ceremonies or parades; when parading as part of a guard of honour; for church services and parades; for funerals; or, on other occasions as ordered. Medals are worn with this order of dress.
  • C-5 (Field Training Uniform): This order of dress has replaced C3 as the day-to-day uniform. No medals, medal ribbons, pilot wings, or pins are worn with this order of dress, name tapes and brassards can be acquired at unit discretion.
  • C-5C (Summer Training Dress) This is worn during summer training at a CTC (Cadet Training Centers) by Course and Staff Cadets.

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