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To enhance physical fitness through participation in the sport of biathlon training and the Cadet Biathlon Program.


Biathlon is an Olympic winter sport, which combines competitive, free-technique cross-country skiing and small-bore rifle marksmanship.

Training consists of strength and cardiovascular conditioning through static exercises, running, and other dynamic activities.

In the Cadet Biathlon competition, the biathlete skis a distance of no less than 5 kilometers and stops at the shooting range to shoot two times.  The shooting distance is always 50 meters and five rounds are fired in each bout at five targets.  Cadets shoot in the prone position only.


The skiing and shooting equipment is provided.

Cadets may use their own skate-skis if they wish.


Any cadet, from any level, may try out for the Biathlon Team.

Equipment and Information - All items listed below are mandatory:

  • Eat a hearty breakfast
  • Bring a lunch or light snack
  • Bring a gym bag or knapsack for all your gear - No plastic bags
  • Wear good sport running shoes, tied up -  no "skater" shoes
  • Wear running gear appropriate for the weather – Do not arrive wearing shorts  You can wear shorts under your warm-up pants, but you must not arrive in shorts no matter the weather.  Camp Fortune is always cooler than in town.
  • Waterproof (Warm-up) pants -  No jeans
  • Bring extra socks
  • Bring a warm winter coat (waterproof) or raincoat over top of it
  • Bring a sweatshirt/hoodie or some kind of warm sport sweater
  • Bring no less than 2 liters of water in water bottles or "Camel Back"
  • Bring light gloves for shooting and extra mitts to cover your shooting gloves
  • Wear a hat/tuque or headband to cover your ears.  Tuques are mandatory for Cadet competitions.  No baseball caps
  • Bring a snack for on the way home

If you arrive inappropriately dressed you will be sent home

Qualifications Awarded

The Cadet Biathlon Championship Series Pins are awarded when a member competes in the various levels of competition.