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CI Declan McCloskey/OCdt Jean-Simon Brassard


CI Declan McCloskey


The Air Studies "Ground School" program is provided to offer academic training to interested Air Cadets who wish to compete for selection in the Air Cadet Glider Scholarship Program or the Power Scholarship Program.


The Ground School Program consists of three phases: Phase One deals with the initial training of the cadets; Phase Two deals with advanced training of those cadets nominated for national testing; and Phase Three consists of national testing for the Summer Training Program. Specifics of each phase are:

  • Phase One. This phase runs from January to June. Topics include aircraft operations, air law, meteorology, navigation, interview techniques, and general information on the aviation industry and the Air Force. At the start of the following training year, those cadets that are eligible for the above-mentioned camps and have already completed Phase One training will be eligible to participate in Phase Two Training.
  • Phase Two. This phase runs from October to December, and entails an in-depth review of the material presented in Phase One with the completion of an examination in order to help identify Squadron Candidates for Phase Three training.
  • Phase Three. This phase consists of participation in the national testing, usually scheduled for the first Saturday in February. This testing consists of a written test and an interview (subject to your passing the written test).


During summer camps, cadets can earn a glider pilot or power pilot license issued by Transport Canada. These are CIVILIAN qualifications. Once qualified, cadet pilots can operate an aircraft within civilian organizations as well as within the cadet organization.

Furthermore, cadets who do not have the minimum age required to pilot an aircraft as required by Transport Canada (16 or 17 years) can attend a 3-week summer course: Introduction to Aviation.


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Qualifications Awarded

After completing the course, two levels are possible as a Pilot.

Power Pilot

Glider Pilot