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Squadron Staff

The adult staff at 211 Squadron is comprised of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) officers and civilian volunteers. 

Officers are members of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) branch. The branch is the largest single group in the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (COATS), a subcomponent of the Canadian Armed Forces reserve force. 

The primary duty of officers in the CIC is the safety, supervision, administration, and training of cadets in the Canadian Cadet Organizations. Officers in the CIC are reservists, working with cadets on a part-time and voluntary basis while maintaining full-time civilian careers. 

Some senior cadets at 211 Squadron have been appointed staff positions to assist CIC Officers in their duties.

Position Name
Commanding Officer

Capt Matthew Lee

Training Officer Lt(N) Amanda Morris
Assistant Training Officer 2Lt Matthew Vincelli
Admin Officer

OCdt Bryan Kastler

Supply Officer OCdt Jean-Simon Brassard
Operations Officer

Capt Pat Labelle

Senior Training Group Officer CI Konnie Hatzis
Junior Training Group Officer Capt Chrystelle Veilleux



Position Name
Junior Training Group Instructor CV Emily Polden
Junior Training Group Instructor CV Malachi Ruddy
Training Support Group CV Spencer McKeown
Training Support Group  LCdr Sam Morad