Aviation days are full-day, offsite activities that engage cadets in learning opportunities to help them further understand aviation principles and industries. In past years, cadets have been to aviation museums, flown drone aircraft, toured airport hangars and towers, and practiced flight simulation. 


The CO’s Parade occurs once a month, and allows the Commanding Officer to review the squadron and present awards and promotions to notable cadets. These events are open to family and friends.


“If it ain’t raining then it ain’t field training.” Field Training Exercises are full-weekend activities that occur twice a year during the fall and spring. Cadets experience training in remote campsites while conducting team-building activities and participating in survival training. From tying knots to creating temporary shelters, cadets are exposed to a variety of survival tactics.


The squadron hosts a Mess Dinner once per year. This is a formal, traditional military-style dinner with officers, cadets, family and friends. Cadets receive one ticket as part of their membership, and are encouraged to sell tickets to others who might like to join.


Power Flying Familiarization is conducted twice a year and provides cadets with the chance to fly from Ottawa flying club over downtown Ottawa in groups of three (plus a pilot!) for one hour. Spots are limited, but cadets who have shown dedication in tagging and overall attendance can sign up for the opportunity to fly in a Cessna 172 aircraft.


We are proud to be invited to participate in various school Remembrance Day Ceremonies. This is a local day of observance to recognize fallen military members. It is a great honour to be chosen for this activity that allows us all to reflect on the sacrifice of the Canadian Armed Forces, in past and recent history.


Biannual community engagement (fall and spring) allows the squadron to raise the money it needs to conduct year-round training activities. Five shifts are available each season for cadets to politely ask members of the community to provide a small donation in exchange for a “Support Cadets” tag. Cadets are expected to tag a minimum of three shifts per season to aid in meeting our fundraising goals.