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WO2 Bhagawatula

Congratulations WO2 Bhagawatula on your achievement! 

WO2 Bhagawatula receives his Duke of Edinburgh Award – Gold Level, presented by MWO Duhamel.  This prestigious award, especially the Gold Level (The highest standard), is extremely difficult to obtain, and demonstrates the mark of commitment every cadet should strive to achieve.  The accompanying certificate to this award will be presented to WO2 Bhagawatula at a later time by either the Duke of Edinburgh himself, a member of the Royal Family, or by the Governor General of Canada. 



Please make sure that you properly and clearly read all of the below details.

Secondly, please make sure that before attending a Cadet activity following a significant weather event, that you first verify the squadron calendar available on the squadron website or the Facebook page to ensure the activity is still ongoing.


Weekly Activities:


Band this Friday at Ottawa Technical Secondary School, 485 Donald St, from 18:15 to 20:30. For any questions, please contact FSgt Hatzis.


Junior Ground School

Junior ground school will be Monday May 6th at 6:30pm at NDHS.



There is no marksmanship this week.


Drill Team

Drill Team Tuesday May 7th at NDHS from 18:30 to 20:30.


Single Activities

Gliding Day (Sunday May 5th)

The gliding day has unfortunately become limited to only 30 cadets, therefore junior cadets have been prioritized for this session. The list of cadets signed up to attend is:

  • Cdt Buscemi
  • Cdt Henrie
  • Cdt Khuang
  • Cdt Kitty
  • Cdt Martin
  • Cdt Matida-Torrico
  • Cdt Mayhew
  • Cdt or LAC Bosillcic
  • Cdt Roshkov
  • Cdt Ruest
  • Cdt Shauna
  • Cdt Simon
  • LAC Adams
  • LAC Amara
  • LAC Caron
  • LAC Erickson
  • LAC Lazier
  • LAC Moore
  • LAC or Cdt Crook
  • LAC Qin Amanda
  • LAC Raju
  • LAC Thibeault
  • LAC Whitwam
  • Cpl Boisvert
  • Cpl Chandler-bass
  • Cpl Hartung
  • Cpl Osman Z
  • Cpl Sivisambu
  • Cpl Stocki
  • FCpl Ruddy

Cadets need to be at NDHS no later then 07hr30 Sunday May 5th. Before leaving home, cadets need to check the Facebook page in case of a early morning cancellation (around 06hr30). Dress for the day is civilian, (please ensure that the cadet is dressed accordingly for the weather) They need to bring a lunch and water. The bus should return to NDHS no later than 18hr00.  If the activity is cancelled due to inclement whether, it will be announced via the squadron calendar by 06hr30.


Battle of the Atlantic (Sunday May 5th @ National War Memorial)

Squadron participation in this event is cancelled.


Annual Ceremonial Review (Saturday May 25th @ Bernard Grandmaitre Arena)

This year’s squadron annual review will occur on Saturday May 25th at the Bernard Grandmaitre Arena (309 McArthur St, Vanier) at 13hr30. This is the squadron’s biggest parade of the year and displays the hard-work and dedication the staff and cadets have put in throughout the year. A more formal announcement will be made in the coming days.


Other Announcements

Become a Host Family for International Exchange Cadets

The Air Cadet League of Canada is searching for interested families to participate in hosting 70 international cadets for a weekend (2019 – August 2 to August 4). They need approx. 35 families (if each family takes 2 cadets). If you are interested in being a host family, you will have to be screened first. The requirements are as follows

  • Each cadet must have their own bed
  • Families must take in min. 2 cadets (for the safety of cadets)
  • Families pick up their cadets on Friday evening at an ‘ice cream social’
  • Families are not remunerated for expenses (food, activities, logging)
  • Families are to return cadets on Sunday at which time there will be a BBQ for host families and cadets. (This BBQ may take place in St-Jean or Ottawa depending on number of host families in each region)
  • Only family members 18 yrs and older must be screened (police check) – family members who will not be present during the weekend do not need to be screened.
  • A home inspection will be conducted to ensure that the number of beds is available.
  • Male and female cadets cannot be bunked in the same room
  • Host families do not need to speak the language of the cadets they are hosting

Host families are asked to show cadets around (city, landmarks, etc.) – we can provide a list of activities – families who have “original” ideas can suggest them but for the safety of cadets some activities could not be an option.

If you are interested please contact Mrs. Lynn Sénécal by email.


Scholarship Opportunities

For cadets who are in grade 12, don’t miss the opportunity for various scholarships provided by Air Cadet League of Canada. For those who are interested, please visit this page.


Regular Training Night – Cadet Fitness Assessment (Wednesday May 8th @ NDHS)

Next week is the cadet fitness assessment, cadets are to be in appropriate clothing. Please bring a water bottle.


Indoor Shoes In Gymnasium

It may be spring, but a reminder to all cadets and parents that outdoor shoes are NOT allowed in the gym.

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