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211 Squadron – Weekly Announcements (January 24th 2019)

  1. Please make sure that you properly and clearly read all of the below details. 
  2. Secondly, please make sure that before attending a Cadet activity following a significant weather event, that you first verify the squadron calendar available on the squadron website or the Facebook page to ensure the activity is still ongoing.


Weekly Activities


There is no band this Friday.



There is no marksmanship this Friday.



Patrol race is this weekend. The participation race on Saturday January 26th. The races start at 1300, so head up to the chalet for 1200. The regional race on Sunday January 27th. The races start at 1030, so head up to the chalet for 0930.

Check your email Friday evening in case there are any updates or changes from the region.

Bring your 211 spirit and some noisemakers/bells to cheer on your teammates!

Dress in layers for the weather; For the race you will be warm from the effort and need to be light and fast, but for cheering on teammates you’ll want to be bundled-up and toasty. Bring lots of fresh water and some snacks. Coaches will provide lunch on Sunday. If anyone has any dietary restrictions, please let us know so we can make sure there is something for everyone.


Senior Ground School:

Senior Ground School Monday January 28th from 18hr30 to 20hr30 at NDHS.


Drill Team:

Drill Team Tuesday January 29th at NDHS from 18:30 to 20:30. Any cadets interested in joining the drill team should speak to FSgt McCloskey.


Single Activities

Mess Dinner (Friday January 25th @ RCAF Mess):

This Friday, the Squadron is hosting its annual Cadet Mess Dinner, a highlight on everyone’s calendar to be sure.

When: Friday, January 25/2019 at 1815 hrs. Cadets will be dismissed NLT 2115 hrs.
Where: RCAF Officer’s Mess, 158 Gloucester St, Ottawa
Dress: Cadets are to wear order C-8; their full dress uniform with a white dress shirt and black bow tie in lieu of the issued blue dress shirt and neck tie. If a cadet does not have these, they may wear their issued uniform shirt and tie.
Who: Only cadets who have signed up may attend as meals were pre-ordered based on interest. Those cadets who have submitted their $5 deposit will have it returned. The following cadets have signed up and are expected to attend:

Aqiqi, Faith
Attri, Krishan
Awad, Ryaa
Bertrand, Jason
Besserer, Victor
Bhagawatula, Pranav
Bohemier, John
Boisvert, Zoe
Buckley, Erin Anne
Carranza, Daniel
Chandler-Baas, Stuart
Collette, Theodore
Dingwall, John
Drissi, Adam
Edjidjimo, Minamou
Erickson, Hannah
Franklin, Seren
Guo, Andrew
Hammond, Kenny
Hartung, Alexander
Hatzis, Katerina
Hatzis, Konstantina
Hernandez, Edgar
Hoang, Joseph
Huang, Angela
Hunton, James Hiroki
Jiang, George
Jupp, Thomas
Kennedy, Maxx
Khuong, Minh (Julia)
Kilty, Nathaniel
Larose-Moore, Emanuel
Lazier, Arthur
Li, Thomas
Maguire, Kathleen
McCann, Conor
McCloskey, Charlie
McCloskey, Declan
Osman, Ali Yahya
Osman, Zakariya
Qin, Amanda
Qin, Anjia
Ruddy, Jonah
Ruddy, Malachi
Rudin-Brown, Lene
Rudin-Brown, Sidney
Sakhniya, Mohamad
Song, Tanghan
Stocki, Sophia
Temesegen, Milka
Temesgen, Lehem
Thibeault, Jacob
Thompson, Brody
Tsoukanov, Nickolai
Uwayezu, Joseph
Whitwam, Michael
Willbond, Samantha
Yu, Benjamin

Key Points:

Please see the list of key points and description of the order of dress which may be of interest to those who have never been to a Mess Dinner.

You can find interesting information about Messing in the Canadian Forces here

You can find explanations for PMC and VPMC here.


National Course Exams and Interviews (Saturday February 2nd):

Any cadets applying for national courses, the exams and interviews are scheduled for Saturday February 2nd. Cadets are to be at 2597 Alta Vista Dr. in C1 dress, with a packed lunch. The day runs from 8am to 5pm.


Effective Speaking Competition (Wednesday February 6th @ NDHS):

The Squadron competition is on Wed Feb 6th and the winner will have the privilege of representing the squadron at the regional competition in February 24-2019 Aviation museum.

The material from the Air Cadet League of Canada website will help you prepare (http://aircadetleague.com/effective-speaking-program/).

For those who are interested in this fantastic opportunity, please email Mr. Bohémier at mikepiano@videotron.ca.


Other Announcements

Scholarship Opportunities:

For cadets who are in grade 12, don’t miss the opportunity for various scholarships provided by Air Cadet League of Canada. For those who are interested, please visit: https://aircadetleague.com/for-cadets-squadrons/awards/scholarships/


CTC Staff Cadet Application / Intermédiaires and Advanced Band Course (Tuesday January 29th):

For all the cadets interested to apply as a staff cadets on a CTC or intermediate and advance band camp for the summer of 2019. They need to send an e-mail to Capt McMillan at sylviemcmillan@videotron.ca
For the applicant on a staff position you have to mention 3 choices.
The deadline to submit e-mail to Capt McMillan is Tuesday, January 29th 2019.


Special Cadet Night – Skating Night (Wednesday January 30th):

Instead of a regular training night on the 30th, cadets will instead have a fun night skating on the canal. Cadets are to meet at the Dow’s Lake Pavilion for 1800 Hrs. Please ensure that you dress warmly for the evening.


Mock Interviews (Thursday January 31st):

Due to cadets being cancelled, the last six mock interviews will occur Thursday, January 31st 2019 at NDHS. The schedule is:
18h30-Fsgt Hernandez
18h50-Sgt Jiang
19h10-Fsgt Ruddy M.
19h30-WO2 Bhagawatula
19h50-WO1 Hatzis
20h10 -FSgt McCloskey

If cadets cannot attend the mock interview they can send me a e-mail at jmc.fortin@gmail.com.

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It is now the winter season, so a reminder to all cadets and parents that outdoor shoes are NOT allowed in the gym.

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