Weekly Announcements (12/09/2019)

Single Activities


Gliding Day

When: Sunday September 15th from 7hr15 to 18hr00

Where: Drop-off and Pick-up are at NDHS

Dress: Civilian dress (Make sure to check the weather forecast for Smith Falls)

Other Information: If cancelled an announcement will be posted on the website and Facebook around 6hr30 the morning of. Cadets are to bring lunch and water for the day. If you wish to sign up and have not already, email 211.activities@gmail.com before 17hr00 Friday September 13th. If you are signed up and can no longer attend, email 211.activities@gmail.com. A reminder to all new cadets who wish to attend, all your paperwork must be handed in to sylviemcmillan@videotron.ca.


Other Events and Information


Updated Cadet Guidebook

All cadets, especially new ones, please be aware of the updated Cadet Guidebook, which you can download in PDF format from the home page of the squadron webpage.  The cadet guidebook will help you understand how the squadron works and provide you with the knowledge of what you need to know to properly function in the squadron.   It is to your great benefit to familiarize yourself with this resource.  You don’t have to download it, but you should at least go through it online.  It’s there to access whenever necessary.


Regular Training Night

When: Wednesday September 18th from 18hr15 to 21hr00

Where: Drop-off and Pick-up are at NDHS

Dress: Cadets are to be in summer dress, and any new cadets are to dress in a white shirt, black pants, and black shoes.

Other Information: Returning cadets are to bring back the signed Annual Validation Form and new cadets are to return their registration forms, if they have not already done so.

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