Weekly Announcements (12/03/20) [Updated]


Weekly Activities

Band [Cancelled]

Other Information: There is no band this Friday.


Pipes and Drums Workshop

When: Friday March 13th from 18hr30 to 20hr00

Where: Robert E. Wilson Public School (373 McArthur Ave)


Marksmanship [Cancelled]

Other Information: There is no marksmanship this Friday.


Drill Team [Cancelled]

Other Information: There is no drill team practice on March 17th.


Junior Ground School

Other Information: There is no junior ground school on March 16th.



Single Activities

Regional Marksmanship Competition [Cancelled]

Other Information: Due to health concerns the marksmanship competition has been cancelled.


Marksmanship Familiarization Day [Cancelled]

Other Information: Due to health concerns the marksmanship familiarization day has been cancelled.


Power Familiarization Flights [Cancelled]

Other Information: Due to health concerns the power famil flights have been cancelled.


Excalibur Games Competition

When: Saturday April 4th to Sunday April 5th (timings TBD)

Where: TBD

Other Information: Activities in the competition include volleyball, Kinball, DBL ball, dodgeball, first aid, and improvisation. Anyone interested in attending is to email 211.activities@gmail.com.


Transportation Safety Board Labs Tour

When: Friday April 24th (school PD Day) from 09hr45 to 12hr00

Where: Transportation Safety Board (Building U-100 1901 Research Private)

Dress: C3

Other Information: We are only able to accommodate 20 cadets from level 1 through 4, therefore there will be a lottery on April 15th to determine the 5 cadets from each level who will be attending. If interested in signing up email 211.activities@gmail.com.


Other Events and Information

Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence

The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence (RCLCME) recognizes individual endeavours of a citizenship nature, which meet or enhance the purposes and objectives of the Cadet organizations. It is wholly sponsored and awarded by the Royal Canadian Legion.

Each Air Cadet Squadron may award one RCLCME each training year, provided a worthy candidate is available. The main theme in awarding the RCLCME is to emphasize the citizenship aspects of the Cadet program. The Squadron Commanding Officer is the approving authority for the award of the medal, but he is encouraged to seek the active participation of the local Legion authorities and the recommendations of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee. The RCLCME will normally be presented by a suitable Legion representative at the Squadron’s annual ceremonial review.

If you wish to be considered for the Medal this year, you must submit your volunteer service hours to Captain Fortin at julie.fortin@cadets.gc.ca by Friday March 20th.


Training Night [Cancelled]

Other Information: There is no training night on March 18th due to March break. There are also no training nights on March 25th and April 1st due to all public schools being closed for health concerns.



Woman's legs standing in slushy snow with a red prohibited symbol superimposed on top

It is now the winter season, so a reminder to all cadets and parents that outdoor shoes are NOT allowed in the gym.

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