1. What: *CO’s Parade

Where: Notre-Dame-High school (710 Broadview avenue)

Who: All cadets

When: Nov 9th 2022 from 1815-2115

Dress: C1 (tunic, tie, medals) or white shirt and black pants . *** YOU NEED TO WEAR A POPPY***

More information: 

  • You need to wear outdoor shoes with your outdoor shoes IN HAND to change into. We cannot bring outside dirt and debris into the gym
  • Any cadets and parents coming in need to wipe their shoes before stepping on the floor since the floor had just been waxed


2. What: Band!

Where: Ottawa Technical Secondary School (485 Donald Street)

Who: All interested cadets 

When: Every Friday from 18:30-2100



  1. What: Marksmanship Team

Where: QM Cadets (142 Chermin Freeman)

Who: All interested cadets 

When: This Friday from 1900 – 2100



  1. What: Biathlon *Cancelled this week*



  1. What: C7 Familiarization day (Sign ups closed)

Where: Connaught range D ( https://www.google.ca/maps/place/45%C2%B021%2743.4%22N+75%C2%B053%2749.6%22W/@45.3619449,-75.8977487,260m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x250716addfe54e40!7e2!8m2!3d45.3620563!4d-75.8971095 )

Dress: FTU

When: Nov 5th from 12:30-14:00



  1. What: Legion serving (sign ups closed)

Where: Westboro legion (lower hall)

When: Nov 5th from 16:30 – 20:00

Dress: C1



  1. What: Poppy Sales (Sign ups closed)

Where: Various locations 

Who: Any interested cadets

When: Nov 6th from 10-1300 and 1300-1600 (pick a shift)

Dress: C1 (tunic, tie, medals) or white shirt and black pants



  1. What: Drill Team Practice 

Where: NDHS Cafeteria (710 Broadview Ave)

Who: Any interested cadets

When: Every Tuesday at 1815- 2030 hrs

More information: 

  • You are dressed in civies but you bring your boots and wedge in hand to change into
  • *Any cadets who are interested in flag drill, please come out since we are learning flag drill and will have tryouts soon*


  1. Cadets intending to apply for the Glider or Power Pilot Course must complete the National Online Ground School Program. You must sign up with OCdt Brassard at 211aviation@cadets.gc.ca NLT Nov 9.



  1. What: Remembrance Day

Where: Westboro Legion

Who: All cadets

When: Nov 11 from 1200-1500

More information:

  • Lunch is provided 


  1. What: Level 5 Day

Where: Nepean Centrepointe Room 1B (101 Centerpointe Dr)

Who: Mandatory for all level 5’s cadets

When: November 20th from 10:00 – 16:00

  1. What: Level 3-4 weekend 

Where: Walkley Armoury

Who: All level 3-4 cadets

When: Nov 26 or 27





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