Weekly Announcements (09/01/20)


Weekly Activities


When: Friday January 10th from 18hr30 to 21hr00

Where: Ottawa Technical Secondary School (485 Donald St)


Pipes and Drums Workshop

When: Friday January 10th from 18hr30 to 20hr00

Where: Robert E. Wilson Public School (373 McArthur Ave)

Other Information: If you have any interest in pipes and drums, even if you have no prior experience and are just curious, please come out to the workshop and learn more.



When: Friday January 10th from 18hr30 (for returning cadets) or 19hr00 (for new this year) to 21hr00

Where: QMO (142 Chemin Freeman)



When: Saturday January 11th from 08hr45 to 13hr30

Where: Camp Fortune

Dress: Dress warmly, in layers. A toque is mandatory, and thin gloves (for shooting) under warm mitts are highly recommended.

Other Information: Bring plenty of drinking water (there is no potable water on site), and a lunch. The region requires you to your provincial health card at practice. Please clearly communicate pick-up time to your parents in advance as there is NO CELLUAR signal on site, and you will not be able to call /text them. Please email 211squadronbiathlon@gmail.com to confirm attendance, or if you have any questions. Check your email Saturday morning by 07:30 in case the course is closed – some unusual weather is forecast.


Senior Ground School

When: Monday January 13th from 18hr30 to 20hr30

Where: NDHS classrooms


Drill Team

When: Tuesday January 14th from 18hr30 to 20hr30

Where: Gym 2 at NDHS

Dress: Civilian attire with parade boots and wedge



Single Activities

Inter Squadron Bowling Competition

When: Saturday January 18th from 14hr00 to 16hr30

Where: West Park Bowling (1205 Wellington St W)

Dress: Appropriate civilian attire, clean socks for bowling and no jewelry

Other Information: All spaces are filled at this time.


Glider and Power Exam

When: Saturday January 18th at 13hr00

Where: Hull Armoury (188 Blvd Alexandre Tache)


Ottawa 67’s Game

When: Saturday January 25th from 14hr00 to 16hr00

Where: TD Place Arena (1015 Bank St)

Dress: Appropriate civilian attire

Other Information: The squadron has been given approximately 30 tickets to see an Ottawa 67’s game, if a cadet is interested in going they are to email 211.activities@gmail.com.


Regional Biathlon Competition

When: Saturday January 25th to Sunday January 26th (timings TBD)

Where: Camp Fortune

Other Information: Only those cadets selected to compete will race in the teams vying to attend the provincial level races, but there will also be house league races for all other cadets.  It is always a LOT of fun for everyone!  Team lists will be posted on Jan 20th. Parents able to volunteer should email 211squadronbiathlon@gmail.com. Spectators are more than welcome! Come show the spirit of 211!


Squadron Mess Dinner

When: Friday January 31st (timings to be determined)

Where: RCAF Officers’ Mess (158 Gloucester St)

Dress: C2 (white dress shirt and black bowtie)

Other Information: A great annual squadron activity to socialize and have a great meal. Sign-up will continue to be available on Wednesday January 15th, a $5 deposit will be required with sign-up.


Space and Aviation Career Exploration Fair

When: Tuesday February 11th from 18hr00 to 20hr00

Where: Air and Space Museum

Dress: Appropriate civilian attire

Other Information: Exhibitors will be on hand to tell you what working in their field is really like. They can even help you plan the courses you’ll need to get where you want to go! You’ll have the chance to:

  • Meet engineers and scientists, IT and mechanical professionals
  • Talk to designers and developers working with robotics and autonomous vehicles
  • Hear from museum volunteers, who will talk about their past work experiences in the industry

Younger cadets will benefit from the potential sparking of ideas that will keep them in the maths and sciences through high school. Older cadets will also benefit as there will be representatives of colleges and universities talking about programs as well as the industry folks who are looking for good students for coops and internships, summer jobs etc. Older cadets can bring copies of their resumes if they are seriously hunting for a position, if you have a few that are starting to look for work opportunities or even wanting to start inquiring about coops etc. because you are going into related post-secondary programs, don’t be shy! If you are interested in signing up please email 211.activities@gmail.com, by Friday January 10th, as we need to confirm numbers with the organizers.


Effective Speaking Competition

When: Saturday February 22nd from 13hr00 to 17hr00

Where: Air and Space Museum

Other Information: Any cadets interested in participating in the effective speaking competition or learning more about what it entails, are to email 211.activities@gmail.com.


Kiwanis Bed Race

When: Saturday February 15th (timings TBD)

Where: TBD

Other Information: Please stand by for more information



Other Events and Information

Updated Cadet Guidebook

All cadets, especially new ones, please be aware of the updated Cadet Guidebook, which you can download in PDF format from the home page of the squadron webpage.  The cadet guidebook will help you understand how the squadron works and provide you with the knowledge of what you need to know to properly function in the squadron.   It is to your great benefit to familiarize yourself with this resource.  You don’t have to download it, but you should at least go through it online.  It’s there to access whenever necessary.


Training Night

When: Wednesday January 15th from 18hr15 to 21hr00

Where: Drop-off and Pick-up are at NDHS

Dress: Cadets are to be in C3, and any cadets without a uniform are to dress in a white shirt, black pants, and black shoes.


Woman's legs standing in slushy snow with a red prohibited symbol superimposed on top

It is now the winter season, so a reminder to all cadets and parents that outdoor shoes are NOT allowed in the gym.

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