1. What: *Regular training night

Where: Notre-Dame-High school (710 Broadview avenue)

Who: All cadets

When: March 22nd 2023 from 1815-2115

Dress: FTU or white shirt and black pants 

More information: 

  • You need to wear outdoor shoes with your indoor shoes IN HAND to change into. This is a MUST and this includes anyone who enters the school (cadets, staff, parents, etc)



2. What: Band Practice 

Where: Queenswood Heights Community Centre (1485 Duford Dr)

Who: All interested cadets 

When: Every Friday from 18:00-2100



3.  Marksmanship Team will be cancelled for this friday (March 17th)



4. What: Drill Team Practice 

Where: NDHS Cafeteria (710 Broadview Ave)

Who: Any interested cadets

When: Every Tuesday at 1815- 2030 hrs

More information: 

  • You are dressed in civies but you bring your boots and wedge in hand to change into



5. Cadets 16+, there is a staffing opportunity to staff CAP this year. Please see the image below for details as there is an information night on teams on Tuesday March 28th, 2023 at 1900 hrs. The deadline to apply for staffing CAP is March 31st.



6. Air Cadet League Post-Secondary Scholarships are available for Grade 12 students.  Deadline is April 1.  The application requires a recommendation letter from the CO.  You must contact the CO NLT 22 Mar if you intend to apply for the scholarships. Here is the link: https://aircadetleague.com/acc64-2023-post-secondary-scholarships-application-form/ 



7. For Level 1 and 2 cadets, there is a sign up for the Cadet Activity Program (CAP) which is the summer day camp program for level 1 and 2 cadets. All the information is in the link below for the details on the camp as well as the sign up for CAP. The deadline to register is April 12th. Here is the link for the Level 1 and 2 CAP application: https://forms.office.com/r/npy6RNj7Zp 



8. Our Spring FTX will be happening April 28-30. Please save this date as it’s a super fun event and you NEED to attend at least 1 FTX per year. More information to come



9. Our Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) will be happening June 3rd and June 4th. More information to come.




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