1. What: *Regular training night

Where: Notre-Dame-High school (710 Broadview avenue)

Who: All cadets

When: Feb 22nd 2023 from 1815-2115

Dress: FTU or white shirt and black pants 

More information: 

  • You need to wear outdoor shoes with your indoor shoes IN HAND to change into. This is a MUST and this includes anyone who enters the school (cadets, staff, parents, etc)



2. What: Band Practice 

Where: Ottawa Technical Secondary School (485 Donald Street)

Who: All interested cadets 

When: Every Friday from 18:30-2100



3. What: Marksmanship Team 

Where: QM Cadets (142 Chermin Freeman)

Who: All interested cadets 

When: This Friday from 1830 – 2100 & this Saturday from 1000-1400. Cadets must bring a lunch for the Saturday practice.



4. Biathlon is finished for the year. Good luck to the final three competitors who will be competing in the next stage. 


5.  What: Drill Team Practice 

Where: NDHS Cafeteria (710 Broadview Ave)

Who: Any interested cadets

When: Every Tuesday at 1815- 2030 hrs

More information: 

  • You are dressed in civies but you bring your boots and wedge in hand to change into



6. The annual mess dinner is finally back! We are having it on February 25th. The mess dinner is a fun night where cadets, staff and guests will be able to have a nice free meal and have lots of fun. 

It will be held at the army officers’ mess (149 Somerset St W) and will be 1730-2100. Dress is C2 (C2 is your blue uniform but instead of your blue shirt under your tunic, it’s a white shirt and a bowtie.)

Sign ups are now closed. If you signed up, ensure you show up as there has been a plate made for you.


7. We have applications for medals. Below is the requirements for both.


Strathcona Medal: 

The recipient must have a comprehensive knowledge of the activities of the Cadet Program and must meet the following criteria: 

a.display a high level of physical fitness;

b.have completed three years as a cadet at the time of nomination; 

c.have completed all requirements of their C/S training program in the year of nomination; and

d.be regarded by peers and supervisors as exemplifying the model cadet. 


Legion Medal: 

The main objective in awarding the RCLME is to emphasize the citizenship aspects of the Cadet Program. To be eligible for consideration, a cadet must meet the following conditions: 

a.met all requirements of the C/S annual mandatory and optional training programs; 

b.participated in a minimumof three community service events, in addition to those supported by their C/S; 

c.regarded by peers and superiors as exemplifying the model cadet; and 

d.enhanced the C/S through:

(1)co-operation with peers and subordinates;


(3)promoting goodwill and morale within the C/S;

(4)aiding in the development of group identity and cohesiveness;

(5)supporting and assisting fellow unit members; and

(6)their involvement in the local community.


Cadets wishing to apply for either medal must submit their names and a letter stating how the meet the requirements to CI Hatzis BEFORE the end of February.





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