1- Admin note: If you cannot attend a training night YOU MUST inform your Fcmdt AND the Administration Officer (jean-simon.brassard@cadets.gc.ca. Attendance counts towards promotions, camps and much more.


2- Message from Supply O. (Ocdt Vincelli): Fill out the uniform surveys if they haven’t yet done so. I am still working through the backlog. People can also send a DM on Discord or Teams to ask Supply / uniform questions.


3- What: *IN PERSON training * at the Notre-Dame-High school 710 Broadview avenue, Enter through the gym door.

Who: Level 3 and 4 cadets

When: April 13TH 2022 from 1950-2130

Dress: FTU or C-3 or white shirt and black pants.

More information:

– Cadets must have their masks and will be asked about symptoms, and sign in when entering the school you will need to show proof of vaccinations.

– Cadets are to enter at the ‘’X’’

*IN PERSON training* at the Westboro Legion UPPER HALL enter by 391 Richmond Street.


When: April 13th 2022 from 1830-2100

Dress: FTU or C-3 or white shirt and black pants

– More info: Parents are to drop off cadets behind the Legion at the intersection of Winston Ave & Madison Ave (and cadets walk up Winston to Richmond).

– Parents are not to enter the Legion building. When picking up, cadets should also be picked up in the Ottawa Mortgage Broker parking lot (off of Madison Ave). Again, parents should stay in their vehicle and wait for their cadets.

– Cadets must have their masks and will be asked about symptoms, and sign in, when entering the Legion.


4- Biathlon and Marksmanship are done for the year.


5- What: Level 1-2-3 review day (confirmed)

When: Apr 10th from 8h00-16h00

Where: HCMS Carleton- 79 Prince of Wales Dr, Ottawa, ON K1A 0K2

Dress: Civies (you will also need sports attire and running shoes). Cadets need to bring their blues and FTU uniforms on a hanger (if they have one) and boot polish, cloth and their boots.

More info: You will need a cold lunch, water bottle, mask, FTU, change of sports clothes, running shoes (indoor shoes), and pen and paper. Proof of vaccination still required.

  • Please note that there may be points in the day where the cadets are outside so please plan according to the weather (raincoat, splash pants, rubber boots, extra sweater, etc,,,)


6- What Level 1-2 CAP summer program registration

Deadline: Apr 30th 2022

Fill out THIS FORM:



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