1. What: *Sports Night

Where: Notre-Dame-High school (710 Broadview avenue)

Who: All cadets

When: Nov 2nd 2022 from 1815-2115

Dress: Appropriate sporting attire 

More information: 

  • You need to wear outdoor shoes with your outdoor shoes IN HAND to change into. We cannot bring outside dirt and debris into the gym
  • Any cadets and parents coming in need to wipe their shoes before stepping on the floor since the floor had just been waxed



2. What: Band!

Where: Ottawa Technical Secondary School (485 Donald Street)

Who: All interested cadets 

When: Every Friday starting this Friday October 28th from 18:30-2100



  1. What: Marksmanship Team

Where: QM Cadets (142 Chermin Freeman)

Who: All interested cadets 

When: This Friday from 1900 – 2100



  1. What: Biathlon 

Where: Camp Fortune (300 Chemin Dunlop)

Who: All interested cadets

When: This Saturday from 9-10:30



  1. What: Drill Team Practice 

Where: NDHS Cafeteria (710 Broadview Ave)

Who: Any interested cadets

When: Every Tuesday at 1815- 2030 hrs

More information: 

  • You are dressed in civies but you bring your boots and wedge in hand to change into
  • *Any cadets who are interested in flag drill, please come out since we are learning flag drill and will have tryouts soon*



  1. What: C7 Familiarization day (Sign ups closed)

Where: Connaught range (1 Lewis gun rd)

Who: All interested cadets who are 16 +

When: Nov 5th from 12:30-14:00



  1. What: Poppy Sales (Sign ups closed)

Where: Various locations (more details to follow)

Who: Any interested cadets

When: Nov 6th from 10-1300 and 1300-1600 (pick a shift)

Dress: C1 (tunic, tie, medals) or white shirt and black pants



  1. Cadets intending to apply for the Glider or Power Pilot Course must complete the National Online Ground School Program. You must sign up with OCdt Brassard at 211aviation@cadets.gc.ca NLT Nov 9.



  1. What: Remembrance Day

Where: Westboro Legion

Who: All cadets

When: Nov 11 from 1200-1500

More information:

  • Lunch is provided 



  1. What: Level 3-4 weekend

Where: Walkley Armoury

Who: All level 3-4 cadets

When: Nov 26-27

More information: You must give your name to your level officer by the end of NEXT Wednesday



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