The 211 Air Cadet March 8th 2020 Flight Day Has Been Postponed

Flight Day Postponed

March 8th Flight Day – Update

The 211 Air Cadet Flight Day, originally scheduled for March 8th, 2020 is being postponed.  We are currently aiming to move power flight day to later in March.  However, this delay is actually a “blessing in disguise”.



All cadet flight days require the approval of the Air Ops section.  This year, the procedures have changed, resulting in an unexpected processing delay.  Also unexpectedly, this delay resulted in the discovery of the ability to have this particular flight day reimbursed by DND, which was not originally the case.  The flight day costs were originally going to be paid for through squadron funds, reserved by the Squadron Sponsoring Committee through a vote.

After discussions with the Commanding Officer, it was determined it would be fiscally prudent to preemptively postpone flight day for a few weeks, to be able to submit for reimbursement, which must be done prior to engaging in flight activities.  This decision was made prior to receiving authorization from Air Ops, and it was made jointly in agreement with the Squadron Commanding Officer and the Acting Chair of the squadron sponsoring committee.

The reimbursement will allow the squadron to use the funds to augment other cadet activities without having to sacrifice flying.


For Cadets who have already signed up / were planning to sign up

There will be a new signup opportunity which will be announced in the regular weekly announcements.  Despite signing up for flying on March 8th, a new signup portal will be created and you will need to sign up again.  The current list will have to be scrapped since a new date means changing availability for participants.  The current signup is closed for this reason.


Thank you for your support

We thank you for your patience and support in this decision.  It is the goal of the Squadron and Sponsoring Committee to provide every cadet who has the desire, the opportunity to fly every year.  We will provide you with the updated date for flying as soon as it becomes available so please continue to pay close attention to the upcoming announcements.



Rob Stocki
Acting Chair – Squadron Sponsoring Committee
211 Ottawa Kiwanis Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

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