Summer Camp Travel Itinerary – 2019

Air Cadet Camp 2019

Cadet Summer Camp Travel Itinerary – 2019

This post is for Cadets travelling to summer camp for the summer 2019 sessions.

When you look at the scheduling, please be aware that in many cases, the mode of transportation you are using has pickups and drop-offs at different locations before and after your assigned pickup and drop-off location.  This is important because if you are late, your transportation may leave without you in order to keep the schedule.


Cadets are encouraged to show up early and at the very least:

20 minutes early for cadets who are travelling by bus.

1 hour early for cadets who are travelling by aircraft.

It would be to your advantage to be even earlier than that.

Please be sure to bring your Offer of Participation with you in order to board the bus or get onto the plane.


Cadet Information Booklet

Please make sure you read and complete the required sections of The Cadet Information Booklet prior to your date of travel.  The Cadet Information Booklet has forms that need to be filled in addition to a list of items for you to bring to camp. 

Parents:  There is information contained in the handbook that you will find useful as well.


Return Travel

Due to the different durations of different summer camps, some cadets will not return with the same group they left with to travel to camp.  Please pay close attention to your departure and arrival times based on the camp you are attending.



Cadet Camps and Travel List:

Acadia – Basic Musician (MB)

Fcpl Li 

Lac Khuong 


Argonaut – Sports instructor (FSIC)

Fcpl L. Rudin-Brown 


Bagotville – General Training (GT)

Adam J

Caron A. 

Erickson H. 

Harthung A. 

Jean-Louis J.

Kitty N. 

Lazier A. 

Martin C. 

MAahilda-Torrico V. 

Qin A. 

Raju N. 

Thibault J. 

Thompson B. 

Whitwam M. 


Bagotville – Basic Survival Course (BSC)

Boisvert Z. 

Buscemi MB. 

Chandler-Bass SP


Bagotville – Advanced Aviation Course (AAC) 

Fcpl Buckley 


Canadore College – Aircraft Maintenance 

Fcpl Ruddy 


Greenwood – Survival Instructor course (SIC) 

Fcpl O ‘Malley 


Greenwood – Drill and Ceremonial Instructor course (DCIC) 

Fcpl Bertrand J. 


Greenwood – Basic Aviation and Aerospace Course (BATAC)

Hunton J. 

McCaan C. 


Greenwood – Basic Aviation Course (BAC) 

Fcpl Stocki S. 


Greenwood – Advanced Aviation course (AAC) 

Yu B. 


St-Jean – Power Scholarship

Wo1 Hatzis

Wo2 Bhagawatula 

Fsgt McCloskey 

Fsgt Ruddy 


St-Jean – Glider Scholarship

Fsgt Rudin-Brown 

Sgt Jiang


Valcartier – Basic Fitness and sports course (BFSC) 

Besserer V. 

Jeanty C. 


Valcartier – Advanced Band 

Sgt Song 



Travel Itinerary For All Camps


Departure Information

Arrival Information



Departure Information

Arrival Information



Departure Information (BSCAAC)

Arrival Information (BSCAAC)

Departure Information (GTC)

Arrival Information (GTC)


Canadore College

Departure Information

Arrival Information



Departure Information

Arrival Information (SIC, DCIC)

Arrival Information (BATAC,BAC,AAC)



Departure Information

Arrival Information



Departure Information (BFSC)

Departure Information (MB-AMC)

Arrival Information (BFSC,MB-AMC)




If you read The Cadet Information Booklet, and have read this post, and you still have questions, please feel free to Contact Captain Fortin via email at:

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