First Night Back Information for all Cadets

This year’s training will be virtual until December 16th and occur on a squadron Discord server. Cadets will need to step-up an account on the platform, their username must follow the format of [Rank][Last Name], and their profile picture must be of their rank. A guide on how to set-up an account and join the squadron server can be found here.

Regular training evenings will be back every Wednesday from18hr30 to 20hr30 on the Discord server, starting Wednesday, October 14th. All cadets are welcome, and all questions on how the year will look and progress will be given during the evening. Cadets are to be in the “Parade Square” section of the Discord at 18h30, with microphones off. The dress for the evening will be : 

  • Level 1 to 4: C3-F (Blue T-Shirt)
  • Level 5 and up C3-B (Collared Shirt)
  • Cadets who don’t have a uniform or no longer fit in their uniform will need to wear a white shirt.

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