Cadets 2019-2020 Season Starts September 11th, 2019

Demonstrating some of the many activities 211 Air Cadets participate in, including Mess Dinner, Gliding, Biathlon, Parade, Flying Scholarships, Bed Races, and General Training Nights, among many others.

211 Welcomes New and Returning Air Cadets

Dear Cadets, Parents and Guardians.  We sincerely hope you’ve had a wonderful and enjoyable summer.  This is our first announcement of the 2019-2020 Cadet season.  This message pertains to all new and returning cadets and their parents.


Our First Training Day

Our first training date of the 2019-2020 Cadet season will be September 11th, 2019 at Notre Dame Highschool, from 1815 Hrs to 2115 Hrs.  Parents are encouraged to attend as in many cases, there will be forms to sign pertaining to the upcoming year.


For Returning Cadets

You may bring your uniform for exchange as in many cases, cadets have grown over the summer.  Supply will be open for this purpose and you will be allotted time.


For New / Prospective Cadets

There will be an information session about this amazing program for new/prospective cadets.  

Right off the bat, you should know that despite the amazing activities the cadets participate in all year long, there is no charge to parents for the participation of their youth in this program.  Funding for the program comes from generous donations from the Ottawa Kiwanis Club, occasional fundraising activities the cadets are expected to participate in, and donations that come from United Way as we are a registered charity.  More on this below.  

Our first meeting on September 11th will be an opportunity for parents to accompany their new/prospective cadets for an information session about the program.  You will have an opportunity to have your questions answered by the officers and civilian Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) members. 

If you have a youth interested in the program, you are highly encouraged to attend this session as it will be a great benefit for the future to learn how cadets works and how it benefits young adults. 

New prospective cadets – please be mindful of your civilian clothing when not in uniform.  Civilian clothing with offensive or inappropriate messages are not acceptable.  Clothing must be neat and free of rips and must be appropriate to wear in an casual employment / business setting.  


Parent Volunteers

Cadets works best when a group of committed and available parents are willing commit to volunteering on an occasional and ad-hoc basis.

You are not required to join the SSC, but you would be asked occasionally (rarely) to participate in driving cadets to events such as tag day, the bed race or to a nearby location where the numbers of participating cadets would not require a bus for transport. 

The need for parental volunteers is minimal, but we would like parents to identify themselves at our first meeting so we may make arrangements to have all volunteers security cleared.  Security clearance is necessary since cadets are young persons and fall into the “Vulnerable Sector” category. 

All officers, SSC members, volunteers as well as anyone else who has contact with the cadets must be security cleared.

There is no cost to volunteers for security screening, but it takes some time, so it’s wise to identify which parents are willing and able to volunteer from time to time as early as possible.


Change of Command Parade

There will be a Change of Command Parade featuring WO1 Hatzis and WO2 Baghawatula at the end of the evening. All parents and cadets are encouraged to attend this parade at the end of the evening.



Ottawa Kiwanis Club

Fundraising for the 211 Ottawa Kiwanis Air Cadet Squadron comes from many sources.  The most generous and consistent donations come from the Ottawa Kiwanis Club.   The Ottawa Kiwanis Club is a community service club and they are always looking for new members.  If you have the time and wish to volunteer in your community, please consider volunteering with the Ottawa Kiwanis Club.

You can read about how the Ottawa Kiwanis Club became involved with the 211 Squadron on our about page.  


The United Way

The 211 Ottawa Kiwanis Air Cadet Squadron is a registered charity.  If you are donating to the United Way, you have the opportunity to direct your donations in whole or in part to the Air Cadet Program.  Donations strongly impact the quality of the experience cadets have in this program and are greatly appreciated. 

Our United Way Number Charitable Registration Number is:  123613523 RR 0075.  You can also find this number on our home page at


Our Communications Plan – Important

Last year we revamped our communications model to be bullet-proof accurate and avoid confusion by not posting multiple announcements in multiple places. 

  1. Our announcements are published on our website
  2. Details for dates, times, dress, events, announcements, cancellations and any other mass communications are posted to our website and available for viewing from the home page
  3. The website link to those announcements are posted on our 211 Facebook Page and our email list.  You can sign up for our email alerts on our home page.   Whenever you view announcements from whatever source, you will always be automatically directed to our website.


Sharing is Caring

Since our communications are done through our website, Facebook and Mailchimp, it is to the squadrons advantage for members to like, comment  and share our posts on Facebook.  By liking, commenting and sharing our posts on Facebook, our posts become more relevant. 

Many youth who might not have heard about our our squadron and the Air Cadet program would have the opportunity to learn about it and perhaps join.  Young adults who join the Air Cadet program most often appreciate the opportunities this program provides. 

Please feel free to share and comment, perhaps even leave us a review on Facebook or Google.  We strive to earn 5 star reviews.  If you feel we don’t deserve 5 stars, please contact us with feedback and allow us to correct whatever the issue is that prevents us from achieving 5 stars so that we may have the opportunity to earn 5 stars.  



If you have any questions about the program, we encourage you to hold your questions for the information session as there may be others with the same question. 


Thank You!

Thank you for reading these announcements.  We’re looking forward to seeing you on September 11th at 1815 Hrs.  It is always wise to be 15 minutes early.  Please feel free to share this post – thanks again.

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