Cadet Pilot Panel

Several cadet pilots have initiated a video conference event called “Pilot Panel”. On Wednesday, April 15, at 1900 EST they plan to interview each other, panel-style, about their experiences on the Glider Pilot and Power Pilot courses.

Many air cadets don’t have a clear idea of what is involved with these courses, how to apply for them, and what the benefits are. This panel will help to answer those questions, and hopefully encourage cadets to consider applying in future years. There will be participants from several regions, with varying years of experiences. The event is open to all cadets (and adults!) who are interested. There will also be time planned to take questions from the “audience”, and the video conference will be recorded so if someone can’t make it live they will be able to view it later.

Below is the link to the event video conference.

Event Link for April 15, 1900 EST:

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