About 211 Ottawa Kiwanis Air Cadets

Squadron History

The 211 Ottawa Kiwanis Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron was founded on 13 November 1942. In the more than seventy years that it has existed, it was always proudly sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. The squadron’s first Commanding Officer was Vic Castledine and Allan Casteldine was recruited as first cadet.

Leadership Team

Commanding Officer: Capt J.  Fortin

Deputy Commanding Officer: Capt W.  McIlveen

Coordination Officer: Capt Patrick Labelle

Training Officer: Capt William McIlveen

Administration Officer: Capt Sylvie MacMillan

Supply Officer: 2Lt Brian Cheung

Drill, Dress and Deportment: WO D. Finkbeiner

Level 1 Officer/Recruting Officer: CI Bryan Kastler

Level 1 Officer/Recruting Officer: CI Sydney Holley

Level 2 Officer: CI R. Perry

Level 3 Officer: CI Mike Van de Laar

Level 3 Officer: CI Benton Ehrmann

Level 4 Officer: Capt Chrystelle Veilleux

Level 4 Officer: CI Benton Ehrmann

Level 5 Officer: MWO Christian Duhamel

Biathlon Instructors: CI Kennedy, CI Rudin-Brown and CI Ruddy

Marksmanship: Capt Lidauer

Squadron Commander: WO1 Hatzis

Squadron Deputy Commander: WO2 Bhagawatula 

Squadron Warrant Officer: WO2 Bohemier 

Flight Commander- Flight 1: FSgt Kennedy            

Deputy Flight Commander – Flight 1: FSgt Guo

Flight Commander – Flight 2: FSgt Hernandez 

Deputy Flight Commander-Flight 2: FSgt Ruddy

Flight Commander- Flight 3: FSgt Rudin-Brown   

Deputy Flight Commander- Flight 3: FSgt Avon

Drum Major: FSgt Hatzis

Flag party Commander: FSgt McCloskey

Junior Level WO: WO2 Pranav Bhagawatula

Level 1 NCO: FSgt Declan McCloskey

Level 1 NCO: FSgt Edgar Hernandez

Level 2 NCO: FSgt Malachi Ruddy

Level 2 NCO: FSgt Katerina Hatzis

Senior Level NCO: WO2 John Bohemier

Level 3 NCO: FSgt Andrew Guo

Level 3 NCO: FSgt Meng Chen Ma

Level 4 NCO: WO2 John Bohemier

Level 4 NCO: FSgt Sidney Rudin-Brown

Level 5 NCO: TBD

Admin NCO: Sgt Calum Avon

Supply NCO: FSgt Maxx Kennedy

Supply NCO: FSgt Minamou Edjidjimo


Squadron Sponsoring Committee

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) is the local representative of the Air Cadet League of Canada. The 211 SSC is composed of 5 to 11 interested parents (of current and former cadets) and other adult community members.  SSC membership is decided on a yearly basis through an election held in May or June for the following training year.  The 211 SSC also includes a representative of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa.

The SSC works in partnership with the Squadron staff (Officers and Civilian Instructors) to support the local training program in order to achieve the three goals of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, which are to develop leadership and good citizens, to promote physical fitness, and to stimulate an interest in aviation.

The SSC is responsible for:

  • Providing suitable facilities for cadet training and activities
  • Promoting the Cadet Program to the community
  • Fundraising and managing the squadron’s funds and bank account
  • Ensuring that cadets are evaluated and treated fairly
  • Providing input for major decisions and selections at the Squadron

To join the SSC, applicants must undergo a screening process, including a Vulnerable Sector Screening and Police Check, and must agree to comply with the League’s regulations.  For more information about the SSC, contact the SSC Chair at 211chair@gmail.com.


The Current Committee:

Position                               Name                                    
Chair Edith Nganga
Vice Chair Kosta Hatzis
Treasurer Marcel Collette
Secretary Margot McCann
Director Les Buckley
Director Mike Bohemier
Director Sandra Hatzis
Director Roselyn Heng
Director Carol Ann Hartung
Director Rob Stocki
Air Cadet League of Canada Advisor Lynn Sénécal
Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Representative Ken Miller

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