211 Air Cadet Band

211 Air Cadet Band Trio Practicing in the hall

211 Air Cadets learning music theory

211 Air Cadet Band

Once a week, cadets get together to improve their musical knowledge in band. These Cadets have the opportunity to play instruments of all families, as well as the bagpipes.

Cadets do not need experience to join.  Cadets will be divided up into groups according to their skill level.

The instrument and required materials will be provided at no cost. The cadets will be taught how to play and care for their instrument and how to organize their files and music.  In addition to learning their instruments, cadets will also be taught music theory.

Through band activities, cadets will learn important skills in music, teamwork and responsibility.  Cadets learn how to cooperate with others, as they will be playing in an ensemble and not on their own.

Acquiring music skills results in being more competitive when competing for admissions in university.

Band is fun, fulfilling and a great way to spend time learning and making new friends.

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