Band & Pipes and Drums

211 is a part of the Air Cadet Mass Band, incorporating cadets from different squadrons and showcasing brass, reed, drums, and pipes. The squadron can loan instruments to cadets who do not have their own, and also supply the sheet music. 

Cadets have the opportunity to attend music festivals and to play at public events and senior residences. Community service hours for high school graduation may be dispensed for performing publicly. 

Material Requirements

  • The squadron loans out instruments for cadets in band. If you already have your own instrument, you may also do that.
  • Sheet music is also provided.


  • Participate in one music festival or public event
  • Optional National Capital Region Tri-element Band practices on Mondays


Music Levels which are almost congruent to the Royal Conservatory of Music

Band Training Location

Band practice is scheduled for Fridays between 18:15 and 21:00 and usually takes place at Rideau High School.  Location can change and will be posted in the calendar.